Welcome to the Driving Safety website; a place for health professionals and consumers to get facts about driving safety and opioid agonist treatment (OAT). This website is a collaboration between:
About The Website

This website contains information for health professionals and consumers in New South Wales, including:

Health Professionals

  • Training courses; Including a short-course on driving safety considerations for when looking after people on opioid agonist treatment.
  • Guidelines & Resources; where to get the latest information and guidance from about managing patients on OAT their driving safety.


  • Frequently Asked Questions; Get up-to-date information about some common questions around driving safety while on treatment, which some straight from community consultations.
  • Test Your Knowledge; Do you know what the risks are and when it’s safe for you to drive? Try the 10 question quiz to see if you can get every question correct.
  • Get Advice & Support; Find out where to get advice and support.
Are You Outside of NSW?

Please note that the information contained in this website is specific to New South Wales. If you are from another jurisdiction, please refer to your government health and roads/transport agency for further information.

Consumers from other jurisdictions should also talk to their health professionals for more information, or can contact their local peer-based organisation.


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